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Full house at the screening of 'Camp 14', about a deadly North-Korean forced labour camp for political prisoners and their families


Amnesty Leiden organizes the Q&A after the Movies That Matter-screenings in Leiden. Right now we welcome one or more volunteers: 

  • with enough knowledge about human rights or politics to be able to find suitable guests for the Q&A (after consulting the internet). The Amsterdam-office of Movies That Matter supports with Fact Sheets, containing possible candidates, but these are written in Dutch. Also, we sometimes start in advance.
  • with enough grit to dare call possible guests by phone (if necessary).
  • who can call or email guests at working hours - if only in between regular jobactivities.
  • willing to assist - or very eager and primarily interested - in the promotion of our screenings (via social media, mail, poster).

Our 'working method': together we preview the movie/documentary at somebody's place and discuss the topic(s) on which we want to focus the discussion afterwards, which gives a clue about what type of expert(s) we want to invite. Sometimes we prefer a guest to give a short introduction before the screening. Given the short time for the Q&A (30 minutes) one or two guests is the maximum.


It's not necessary to be actively involved each month. What we do ask, leaving aside the joined previewing of movies, is, when you participate in the preparation, an investment of about 3 hours.


You can also apply if you would only like to promote our screenings. In that case it still is preferrable if you join the previews, so that you 'witness' the discussion about suitable/preferred topics for the Q&A.


We screen the movies with English subtitles. Also the Q&A and total event is in English.


Interested? Please send an email with motivation to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken..

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